Namespace Browser

The Vanadium Namespace Browser is an interactive tool to browse Vanadium namespaces, find services, and invoke methods on these services. Vanadium namespaces can be public, in that they are accessible (and thus browsable) to a large number of users and devices, or they can be private to an individual or an organization. The Namespace Browser is especially useful for exploring existing public namespaces, inspecting data in a Syncbase service, or developing of new Vanadium applications.

The user can specify a mount table, browse through the graph of referenced mount tables, then see where services are mounted. The user can select any service to see more detailed information about it. The user can also interact with the service, invoking methods to examine or modify the state of the service.

Running the Namespace Browser

To use the Namespace Browser, run:


and navigate to http://localhost:9001/.

Getting help

Documentation is available by clicking on the menu icon in the upper left corner, then selecting "Help".

GitHub repository

The code repository for the Namespace Browser is on GitHub. Bugs and other issues can be submitted to the Issue Tracker.