Vanadium Core

Vanadium Core is the discovery, RPC, and security layer underlying Syncbase. It enables building secure, distributed applications that can run anywhere. It provides:

Complete security model
Vanadium's security model is based on public-key cryptography, that supports fine-grained permissions and delegation. The combination of traditional ACLs and "blessings with caveats" supports a broad set of practical requirements.

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Symmetrically authenticated and encrypted RPC
Vanadium Core provides symmetrically authenticated and encrypted RPC, with support for bi-directional messaging, streaming and proxying, that works on a variety of network protocols, including TCP and Bluetooth. The result is a secure communications infrastructure that can be used for large-scale datacenter applications as well as for smaller-scale enterprise and consumer applications, including those needing to cross NAT boundaries. All data on the wire is encoded using Vanadium Object Marshalling (VOM), which is a performant, self-describing encoding format.

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Distributed naming and discovery
Vanadium provides a global naming service that offers the convenience of urls but allows for federation and multi-level resolution. The 'programming model' consists of nothing more than invoking methods on names, subject to security checks. Vanadium also provides a discovery API for advertising and scanning for services over a variety of protocols, including BLE and mDNS (Bonjour).

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Vanadium is an open source effort, and we welcome your contributions. Get started now by exploring the tutorials.

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