Quick Installation

Vanadium can be installed on Linux or OS X.

To install Vanadium, download this script, then source it:

source ~/Downloads/vanadium-install.sh

This script checks for prerequisites, then attempts to install Vanadium. It takes about five minutes to run.

What does the script do?

It runs all the steps from the step-by-step instructions.

In particular, it checks for prerequisites, sets the JIRI_ROOT and VANADIUM_RELEASE environment variables to $HOME/vanadium and $JIRI_ROOT/release/go respectively, and installs Vanadium to the JIRI_ROOT directory using the bootstrap.sh script.

The tutorials depend on VANADIUM_RELEASE to find the Vanadium installation, but Vanadium itself doesn't depend on this variable.

Feel free to move JIRI_ROOT and VANADIUM_RELEASE elsewhere if you like.