My Cloud Syncbase


The Syncbase Allocator service at (log in with Google required) allows you to create and manage up to 3 free cloud Syncbase instances.

Each instance is running in a dedicated container, isolated from all the other instances. Access is restricted to the creator of the instance.


The instances are meant to be used for development. There are no guarantees about availability or performance. Data stored in the instances can be lost at any time. No sensitive or personal data should be stored in the instances.


Viewing your Instances

After logging in, you'll see a list of all your instances (sorted in reverse chronological order by creation time). Each instance displays its address and blessing patterns. You can manage your instances from this view.

Creating an Instance

The CREATE NEW button spins up a new syncbase instance. It takes about 25 seconds, after which you'll see your newly created instance. The instance is assigned a stable address that makes reachable from clients and peers.

Destroying an Instance

The DESTROY button removes the instance. Note, all data in the instance is lost; this operation cannot be undone.

Suspending/Resuming an Instance

The SUSPEND button allows you to stop your instance. RESUME restarts it. The data in the instance is preserved.

Resetting an Instance

The RESET button re-creates the instance's persisted storage. Note, all data in the instance is lost; this operation cannot be undone. Resetting preserves the instance's address and blessing patterns, which makes it a suitable alternative to destroying and recreating an instance when stability of the address and blessing patterns is desired.

Inspecting an Instance

The DASHBOARD button opens a page showing load and resource utilization for the instance. The DEBUG button opens a page showing details about the instance like its blessings, stats, and a browse view of the databases.