Syncbase for Android

Syncbase is a mobile database that supports peer-to-peer synchronization. It works just as well when devices are not connected to the Internet. Syncbase runs on both Android and iOS (coming soon).

Syncbase Overview

Why Use Syncbase?

Offline-first and peer-to-peer
Syncbase provides local storage that opportunistically syncs data behind the scenes with very low latency. Then built-in conflict resolvers merge data seamlessly when devices have been working offline.
There is no cloud instance or internet required for data synchronization to work. Synchronization protocol is peer-to-peer and works just as well over local WiFi or Bluetooth as the internet. Of course, optionally adding a cloud peer can help with data backup and improved data availability.

Easy to use
Syncbase includes a high-level API that's intuitive and easy-to-use. The data model is simple to understand and based on collections of key-value pairs.
Synchronization between one user's devices works out of the box and sharing data with other users is trivial.

Syncbase is secure by default. All data is only accessible by the creator unless shared explicitly with others using Syncbase's fine-grained access control feature.
When synchronizing with peers, all communication is encrypted end-to-end on the wire.


There are many storage systems that synchronize data between mobile devices, but most such systems are cloud-centric rather than peer-to-peer, and the few that are peer-to-peer typically focus on files rather than structured storage. In addition, very few systems have the fine-grained access control or powerful, configurable conflict resolution we want. In summary, we're trying to solve a bunch of problems simultaneously whereas those other systems each solve a subset of those problems.

Ready to Get Started?

The initial version of Syncbase is ready for testing and evaluation by early adopters - it is suitable for prototyping, but not for production applications.

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